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LUMAsite sheets and diffusers combine the beauty of acrylic with the strength of fiberglass. Random glass fibers and acrylic are cast together, yielding a sheet material with an incomparable combination of desirable properties including toughness, rigidity, weatherability, and low thermal expansion.

Our large stocking inventory allows for immediate shipment of most products anywhere in the nation.

Architectural Plastics' sales staff averages over sixteen years experience in the distribution & fabrication of LUMAsite , Acrylic, Corian, Polygal, Komatex, Polycarbonate as well as other plastic products. If you need technical information, our staff can help you. They understand your plastic needs and can service your requirements quickly.

History of LUMAsite: Originally manufactured for the sign trade, LUMAsite panels quickly became the standard of excellence for internally-lighted sign faces. For over 30 years, these sign faces have survived in the most severe outdoor environments, resisting damage from sunlight, hurricanes, rocks and other accidental and purposeful forces which would have destroyed ordinary acrylic or fiberglass panels.

By the mid - 1980's, architects and interior design professionals realized that LUMAsite panels impart and elegance to architectural and display lighting, glazing partitions never before visualized. Shatterproof LUMAsite reinforced acrylic panels soon became popular throughout North America, Europe, and several exotic locales such as Singapore. These items permit a choice of light transmissions and designer effects.

In contrast to their acrylic counterparts, LUMAsite reinforced acrylic-modified polyester panels exhibit a near-clear appearance and light transmission approaching that of glass. Crystal II and the SOS (satin-one-side) and POS (pebbled one side) variants offer high light transmission, but with gentle diffusion to delight the eye.

Sheet Sizes: All standard colors, except "Diamond Design" varieties are manufactured in the following sheet sizes (minimum order quantities may apply):

4' x 6'; 4' x 8'; 4' x 10'

Oversize sheets are only available in .090 and .118 thicknesses as follows:

4' x 12', 5' x 8', 5' x 10', 5' x 12':
Frost SOS, Frost SOS FR, Rice SOS, White 1000 SOS, White 1000 SOS FR, White 1020, White 1040, Jade SOS, Sky SOS and most other colors

4'W Oversize only: Parchment SOS, Linen SOS

No Oversize available: Crystal, Crystal II SOS, Crystal II POS, White 2020, Coco Reed, Kane, Rattan

Cobweb Effect, high trans.
"Shoji" effect, high trans. wht
"Shoji" effect, med-high wht
.090"-.125" .187"-.250"
.060"-.125" .187"-.250"
Crystal II
Crystal II-SOS
Crystal II-POS
Lightly Frosted
White 1000-SOS
White 1020
White 2020
High diffusion, opalescent
Sign white, translucent
display white, translucent
White 1040
White 1040-POS
Porcelain white, opaque
Opaque white, pebbled
Pale blue "Shoji" effect
Pale green "Shoji" effect
.060"-.125" .187"-.250"
Coco Reed
Med.Brwn cane-like
Natural cane-like
Two-tome cane-like
DD3448 "Diamond Design" metal embedment,
(large diamond opening)
Orange 02119
Red 315
Blue 02051
Blue 02114
Green 02030
Bright orange, translucent
Fire-engine red, translucent
Medium blue, translucent
Dark blue, translucent
Medium Green, translucent
Black 02025
Brown 240-SOS
Brown 239-SOS
Chocolate brown, opaque
Dark brown, opaque
EXIT Green
Hi-Lite red, efficient
Light emerald, efficient

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